It is with immense excitement that we introduce the first edition of our updates at The Hair Doctors MCR. As a prominent example of excellence in the realm of hair care for many years, we are thrilled to unveil our website, a designed space to cater specifically to the diverse needs of African hair and beauty aficionados. Here you will find all the products you will ever need for vibrant healthy hair.

A Refined Selection of African Style Products

Some would define our store as an Afro Shop which is a testament to our commitment to offering a refined selection of premium African hair care and styling products. From authentic Afropride selections to an extensive range of weaves, wigs, and extensions, our collection has been meticulously curated to provide a diverse offering that meets the needs of everyone. It is possible to keep your hair in check with minimal effort, with the vast range of hair products including shampoos, conditioners, hair kits, accessories and so much more. 

Expertly Crafted Quality Hair Products with Timely professional hair cuts.

In the spirit of providing unparalleled service, our highly skilled barber is adept at delivering expertly crafted and budget-conscious haircuts. Complementing our cutting-edge styling services is a selection of high-quality, yet economically priced, hair care products. This intertwinement of affordability and excellence ensures that our clients receive a superlative experience without compromise and with minimal effort.

An Embrace of Diversity and Pride

At The Hair Doctors MCR, we celebrate the diverse tapestry of individuality through our Afro Shop. It is not merely a retail space but a curated celebration of Afro styles, where each product resonates with the pride inherent in every strand of hair. Whether it be natural curls, intricate braids, or transformative weaves, our Afro Shop stands as a testament to our commitment to empowering and elevating personal expression.

Your local Afro Shop, now online!

In keeping with modern convenience, we invite you to explore the Afro Shop experience seamlessly through our user-friendly online platform. Navigate effortlessly to view our extensive collection of hair kits, accessories, and more. This online extension ensures a streamlined and personalised shopping experience, delivering our commitment to quality to your doorstep. With fast delivery it's never been so easy to get your favourite products you know so well delivered straight to your door whilst still supporting your local community. 

Join the Celebration of Excellence

This marks the commencement of a new era at The Hair Doctors MCR. We extend our invitation to you to explore the refined excellence elapsed within our very own website. Immerse yourself in a world where pride meets perfection.


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